Thứ Hai, 28 tháng 9, 2015


Having a long-distance relationship is tough enough. Things become harder on Christmas, the time you should spend with people you care about. So what to buyyour boyfriend for Christmas? Something thoughtful to remind him of your journey together or tell him to stay strong and patient.

 1. A written love letter

It is simple but effective. No matter how much you tell your boyfriend you love him via email, nothing beats your hand-written letter. It is a classic symbol of love. You can tell him you miss him; you will wait until the day you reunite….whatever you know will work for your relationship. That is not to say that an email is unacceptable; it will still work when you put your heart and passion into it but it is just less personal. Remember that you should not be over-sentimental: it is not the end of the world when you are miles and miles away; be hopeful and supportive of a future together instead. 

2. A special video

It is an unique gift your boyfriend will certainly appreciate. Be creative with the content: you can film your day-to-day things to make you boyfriend feel he is there with you or a special message that will put a smile on his face. You can upload it to your private Youtube channel or similar hosting and send him the link to watch.

3. A surprise visit

What is a better gift to your boyfriend than your visit? Of course, not when he is a solder in Iraq. It is precious seeing each other in person and being able to hold hands for real. It is the best Christmas gift one can hope for: being with the one you love.

4. A Skype date:

If you two can’t meet for real, a Skype date is a good option. Dress nicely because you know he can see how beautiful you look. You can talk everything you want through Skype for as long as you want.

5. Gifts telling him that the long-distance can’t break you apart

If you live very far from each other now, especially in places with drastic time zone difference, an In The Zone necklace or a real dual time watch will remind him to keep track with your time. A personalized state keychain, perhaps. You can also send him a stuffed version of you to show that you can always be with him. Gifts like this work like charm for long-distance relationships.  

 6. Tools for talking or related accessories

A new phone, if you have money to spend, or even a power bank charger can be fine. You want him to keep in touch often and no to worry about running out of batteries.  

7. Homemade food

Who says your boyfriend can’t enjoy for food when he is away? You can just send him familiar food to make him feel at home. Cookies are easy to make and enjoy, plus shipping requirements are not very demanding. You can also send him perishable food that can reheat well without much sauce. Of course, you may have to spend quite a bit on shipping fees but your boyfriend will appreciate your food and your effort a lot.

8. Photo or picture

You can make a scrapbook of memories that you two spent together. A framed picture of you two’s favorite shot. Draw a photo of you two if you are good at it of simply use photo—editing software to create a photo sketch. Don’t forget to add some words, like a love quote or your own line, to the picture. Who doesn’t love such thoughtful gifts?

9. A package of stuff he likes 

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on the gift, you are not good at cooking to bake him a cake or don’t like knitting, it is fine. You can always buy things according to his hobbies. Something that shows him you know him and you care. A concert ticket, a book, latest video games….things you know he likes. These are gifts that can’t go wrong.

You can also buy things for his room that remind him of you. A personalized pillows or a pair of customized mugs work well, for example.  

Hopefully, these advices will help you make up your mind on Christmas gift to your boyfriend. A thoughtful gift can surely be helpful in making  your relationship work even though you two are thousand miles away.